Carbon-fiber bodied high-performance SUV

The TORNADO, GEMBALLA’s ultra-exclusive, carbon-fibre bodied high-performance SUV, puts a strong tailwind behind the Porsche Cayenne Turbo on which it is based. From the larger air intakes in its more aggressive looking nose to the four big exhaust pipes and round lights on its smooth tail, this full-size SUV clearly shows its sporting DNA. Weight reduction plays a major role in extending the TORNADO’s performance envelope.

For example, a sophisticated forging technology means the elegant 22-inch diameter alloys wheels that give this car its balanced proportions are no heavier than the 20-inch factory wheels. Limited to a run of just 30 cars, commemorating the company’s 30th Anniversary, the TORNADO has a raft of spectacular features that will leave a lasting impression.

1 hp
Max. Power
1 Nm
Max. Torque
> 1 MPH
Limited Editions



  • Specification

    Length: 4,890 mm
    Width: 2,055 mm
    Height: 1,700 mm
    Material: All GEMBALLA aerodynamic components are produced from carbon-fibre
    Color scheme: Free choice

Wheels, Suspension, Brake System

  • Specification

    Wheel set: Forged wheel set GEMBALLA TORNADO 22"
    FA: 10.5J x 22" with ZR22 tires
    RA: 12.0J x 22" with ZR22 tires
    Color scheme: Free choice

Engine and Performance

  • Specification

    Max. Power: 750 hp / 552 kW
    Max. Torque: 980 Nm
    0-62 mph: 4,1 sec.
    Vmax: >193 mph
    Transmission: 8-speed Tiptronic S with Auto Start Stop function and gearshift controls on steering wheel


  • Specification

    Urban in l/100 km: 15,8
    Non-Urban in l/100 km: 8,4
    Combined in l/100 km: 11,5
    CO2 emissions g/km:


While the second generation Cayenne is a massive 185 kg lighter than its forbearer, the TORNADO shaves a further 70 kg from this. Almost every exterior body panel is replaced by a bespoke carbon-fibre one, made exclusively for GEMBALLA in Germany. 

A Dominant Look

The new panels include the front and rear bumpers and wings, bonnet, doors, outer sills, and the outer skin of the tailgate. To ensure that all these new components fit the OEM mounting points perfectly, state-of-the-art digital measuring equipment was used to precisely dimension the base vehicle in the first instance. A Dominant Look: The GEMBALLA TORNADO has a strong and well-defined character that evolved from a combination of its sporty styling ethos and the aerodynamic, engine and chassis upgrades required to meet its performance objectives. 


The aerodynamic and engine improvements are inexorably linked, and the various intakes that feed cooling air to the intake tract, intercoolers, and brakes have a direct bearing on aesthetics as well as drag. Other elements such as the daytime running lights and fog lights were also neatly integrated into the styling, with ‘form follows function’ as their Holy Grail. The TORNADO’s carbon-fibre flanks each have a deep drawn recess inspired by the original trademark motif on the GEMBALLA AVALANCHE.

The ‘four round’ concept

A similar styling element is incorporated into the rear bumper. The four round taillights give the rear end of the TORNADO a sportier look, with the ‘four round’ concept reinforced by big quad exhaust outlets.  The TORNADO’s tough, purposeful, yet sleek look led readers of Auto Bild Sportscars, one of Germany’s best-selling car magazines, to vote it Sportiest SUV of the Year, 2011.

Suspension, Wheels and Brakes

The TORNADO’s driving dynamics impress with their overall balance, which means not just raw speed, but also a good ride as well as fine handling and braking. 

The latter three qualities are aided and abetted by the relatively low unsprung weight of the 10.5J and 12.0J x 22-inch forged alloy wheels that wear 295/35ZR22 and 335/30ZR22 tires. Thanks to their narrow spokes, these elegant wheels appear even larger than they are. Their open spoke design showcases the powerful brake system, designed exclusively for GEMBALLA by Brembo. These massive cross-drilled and grooved 411mm and 380mm diameter vented front and rear brake discs are clamped by six and four-piston calipers. Each caliper is milled from a solid alloy billet, F1 style, and its weight is around 3.0 kg, less than half that of its OE equivalent. A supplementary ram air ventilation system further enhances brake cooling, so the system works strongly and tirelessly to haul the TORNADO down from the big speeds it so easily attains.

Exhaust & Engine

The engineer’s goal was clearly defined from the outset; a 35-40% power boost, accompanied by 30% more torque. With its modified intake, turbochargers, larger intercoolers, exhaust system and ECU, the GEMBALLA TORNADO’s twin-turbo V8 now packs a 750 hp / 552 kW punch, underpinned by an electronically limited maximum torque value of 980 Nm. The resulting performance is amazing for such a huge vehicle, and the TORNADO’s 0-62 mph time of just 4.1 sec sets a new performance benchmark for full-sized SUVs. Nail the throttle, and the incomparably extrovert soundtrack of the TORNADO’s stainless steel sports exhaust system turns heads. And as this sleek SUV rapidly departs into the distance, the four round rear lights and four round billet alloy exhaust tips clearly say GEMBALLA.


Choosing a GEMBALLA car is making a statement that can be further underlined by a matching bespoke interior. When it comes to a personal choice of colour and trim materials, the sky is the limit. High-quality leather and fine fabrics - plain or patterned - add to the feeling of unbridled luxury, and even the smallest switches and panels can be covered in fine leather or colour-coded. Trim insert panels in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon, wood, or even diamonds can all be handcrafted to complete a unique interior portrait. The experience and attention to detail of GEMBALLA’s master craftsmen and upholsterers guarantees a perfect result that will surprise and delight the owner. This is automotive haute couture at its finest. GEMBALLA’s bespoke programme also accommodates audiophiles and fans of technology, and anything from state-of-the-art multi-media to a built-in fridge to cool your champagne can be integrated into an interior.

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